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Michael website link­: https://ww­w.dragonukco­nnects.com/2­0615/
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I finished a shoot as a Vatican Cardinal in the 12th century for a docudrama mini series (6 episodes) being done for CNN on the Pope as the most powerful man in the world. I was in one scene with 2 other Vatican Cardinals plotting to kill the then current Pope. I was also in a later scene with 5 other Cardinals arguing about the Vatican's wine supply, stored grains, gold, etc and then discussing our differences with the new Pope. History Making Productions produced this documentary.

I finished providing background as a follower of 2 aliens for a proposed television series entitled Higher Ground, which is a science fiction comedy. It was written and directed by
Joe Kramer who also starred in the pilot.

I was a produce vendor in the Italian market in Philadelphia for a film by History Making Productions called Philadelphia: The Great Experiment.

I acted in a short film called Dollar that will be submitted to various film festivals. I played a
homeless person on the streets of Philadelphia begging for money on a frigid December night.
It was written, produced and directed by the Eisensteins.

I will be filming (end of June, beginning of July) a scene in a movie where I portray God in a Baptist church.

I will be filming (in August) a movie entitled Hat Trick where I play an unethical lawyer.

I have done some amateur stand up comedy in the past.

I was a trial attorney in Philadelphia for many years having served as both an assistant district attorney and thereafter a private criminal defense attorney. I had the opportunity to speak before a jury in a number of cases

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