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Brian L. Dragonuk


BRIAN DRAGONUK was an integral part of the Mid-Atlantic acting community and beloved by many.

He created the Yahoo Groups acting jobs newsletter back in 1999 and worked everyday, providing his service free.

About Brian Dragonuk & DragonukConnects

It was Brian’s mission to not only be part of the entertainment community but to help others.  As an actor, he had an intimate understanding of the struggles and obstacles a great many of us face when the desire to be a working actor is not the only factor in your life.

Brian Dragonuk saw that many actors just didn’t have the ideal access to jobs and resources they desired.  In 1999, Brian began collecting emails of fellow actors and his newsletter of acting jobs and resources reached thousands through Yahoo Groups.

In 2009, Jay Chapin helped provide the platform Brian needed to bring his newsletter base to their own website.  The site was a success and their conviction to provide the community with free resources continues.

Sadly, Brian passed away in April of 2019.  He is missed by his family and friends, and by this entire community.  He was a man of integrity, intelligence, generous with his time and knowledge, a stalwart business partner to Jay, and will be remembered as having made a difference in the lives of many local actors.

Jay and The DragonukConnects team have the same dream as Brian had.  We will continue to provide the Mid-Atlantic acting community with the jobs and resources newsletter, and to honor Brian's legacy with the DragonukConnects site.

The DragonukConnects Team
In memory of Brian L. Dragonuk

Thank you so much to all the members out there that have stuck with us over the years. Your support has been incredible.

And a big THANK YOU for the kindness and patience after Brian’s passing. Your comments on Facebook and condolence emails helped immeasurably with the shock and sadness, as well as encouraging us to keep moving forward.

- ‘Dragonuk Jay’ and DragonukConnects staff