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DragonukConnects.com is a Professional Networking Community and Jobs Site Covering the Entertainment Industry in the Mid-Atlantic States USA.


The Mid-Atlantic States are Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, The Virginias and the surrounding outskirts.


The Membership includes Talent (Actors, Models, TV Show Hosts, Radio Personalities), Freelance Production Crew Members (Film, Video, TV & Theatre),  Agents, Casting Directors, Theatres, Production Company's, Independent Filmmakers, Universities, State Film Offices, Unions, Trade Groups & Organizations, and Other Industry Resources (Headshot Photographers, Reprint House, Demo Reel Editors, ETC)





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Michael Seidman website link­: https://ww­w.dragonukco­nnects.com/2­0615/
Nicole Livas guest co-hos­ted on The H­ampton Roads­ Show on WAV­Y-TV in Norf­olk, Virgini­a
Jani Bedrick A cast photo­ of Jani wor­king with Sh­irley Jones ­& Corbin­ Bernsen wil­l be posted ­soon
Cheryl Rhoads starts Fall ­Session THIS­ week www.ch­erylrhoads.c­om
Sophia Smithson is rehearsin­g to perform­ in Dracula
Dan Kavanaugh filmed a GEI­CO industria­l
Daniel Braswell has a new de­mo reel.

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The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within, is in need of a tech person. Posting From Baltimore Charm City Fringe Festival Location Baltimore MD
Open audition: COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA 9/26 7PM Callback(s) by invitation only. Posting From The Stagecrafters Theater Location Philadelphia PA
Non AEA Performers Home for the Holidays Posting From Surflight Theatre Location Beach Haven, NJ
Finding Neverland (SETA) - NYC ECC / Female Dancers (10.06.17) Posting From FNL Touring LLC Location NYC Auditions/ Columbia, MD Company / Touring
Finding Neverland (SETA) - NYC ECC / Male Dancers (10.06.17) Posting From FNL Touring LLC Location NYC Auditions/ Columbia, MD Company / Touring
Finding Neverland ( (SETA) - NYC ECC / Female Singers (10.11.17) Posting From FNL Touring LLC Location NYC Auditions/ Columbia, MD Company / Touring
Finding Neverland (SETA) - NYC ECC / Male Singers (10.11.17) Posting From FNL Touring LLC Location NYC Auditions/ Columbia, MD Company / Touring
Finding Neverland (SETA) - NYC EPA Posting From FNL Touring LLC Location NYC Auditions/ Columbia, MD Company / Touring
The Music Man Open Auditions for Harold Hill and Marian Paroo Posting From Vanguard Theater Company Location South Orange, NJ
CINDERELLA- A Holiday Musical-Netcong, NJ OPEN Call/ Five Actor roles /1 Actor/ASM role open to AEA Posting From Growing Stage Theatre for Young Audiences Inc. Location Netcong, NJ
Keys 2 (Associate Conductor) - Elf The Musical National Tour Posting From NETworks Presentations LLC - John Mezzio Location Columbia, MD Company / National Tour
Assistant Conductor / Keys 2 - Dirty Dancing National Tour Posting From NETworks Presentations LLC Location Columbia, MD Company / National Tour
Elf The Musical National Tour- seeking musicians DRUMS/PERCUSSION, TRUMPETS, REED DOUBLERS Posting From NETworks Presentations LLC-Scott Jackson Location Columbia, MD
Seeking An IATSE Head Carpenter. Posting From Work Light Productions Location Summit, NJ
Razorhurts - NYC EPA Posting From Luna Stage Company Location West Orange, NJ
SHEAR MADNESS - Washington DC EPA Cranberry Productions, Inc.Wed, Oct 11, 2017 10:30 am - 6:00 pm (E Posting From Cranberry Productions, Inc.- THEATRE LAB KENNEDY CENTER Location Washington, DC
Auditions -One-Woman musical, TELL ME ON A SUNDAY/appointment only, GIRL, age 25-35 Posting From The Walnut Street Theatre Location Philadelphia PA
Looking for HELP -slim down our storage units from two to one / Monday (9am-5pm)-Tuesday (9am-1pm) Posting From New Paradise Laboratories Location Philadelphia PA
Casting Call for Short Film SEEKING TALENT VARIUOS EXTRAS, supporting roles / potential lead role. Posting From LoftonFilms - The 2017 48 Hour Film Contest DC (Horror) Location Laurel, MD
Crew Call for Short Film PA's, Sound, Grips, Lead Makeup Artist., Assistant Makeup Artist, Special Posting From LoftonFilms - The 2017 48 Hour Film Contest DC (Horror) Location Laurel, MD