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"Greetings To All! Please sign up as soon as possible, as since our launch, we have posted and filled 1000's of jobs, events and announcements, and you don't want to miss a thing. Our newsletter is free and for a small fee, one of the lowest in the industry, make your profile visible to perspective employers and connect with other industry professionals ( Click Here to upgrade and make your profile visible).

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This is your industry haven, so use it to its full capacity and enjoy!

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Again I thank you for joining, as it is my hope to see you greatly further your carreer in the entertainment industry, and that Dragonuk Connects can be part of it!"



WHO IS BRIAN DRAGONUK?  Click Here to learn more about Brian Dragonuk by reading this interview with the Erie Digest

DragonukConnects.com is a Professional Networking Community and Jobs Site Covering the Entertainment Industry in the Mid-Atlantic States USA.


The Mid-Atlantic States are Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, The Virginias and the surrounding outskirts.


The Membership includes Talent (Actors, Models, TV Show Hosts, Radio Personalities), Freelance Production Crew Members (Film, Video, TV & Theatre),  Agents, Casting Directors, Theatres, Production Company's, Independent Filmmakers, Universities, State Film Offices, Unions, Trade Groups & Organizations, and Other Industry Resources (Headshot Photographers, Reprint House, Demo Reel Editors, ETC)





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Upgraded Member Status Updates
Tom Fields is on locati­on until May­ 29th.
Cheech Vitale SAG ACTOR
Cheryl Rhoads REGISTERING ­or Summer Ac­ting and VOI­CE OVER DEMO­ Workshops!
Jani Bedrick will miss Br­ian. Thank y­ou for all y­ou've d­one. Rest in­ Peace. Bles­sings to you­ and your fa­mily
Kelly Soverns Filmed an ep­isode of "­Race Relatio­ns" web­ series (You­Tube) on 8 A­pril. Talent­ed group!
Gale McClelland is available
Cortenia Smith Harriet Tubm­an- Women Mo­nth Columbia­ Heights Cam­pus wash. dc­ 3/7/2019
John Pallotta Pallotta Stu­dio brings t­he 2/3 Multi­-Camera Film­ Acting Clas­s to Baltimo­re.

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Need Strong African American Female 40-50 Posting From Hutson Talent Agency Location Hampton Rds, VA
BRAND AMBASSADORS/PROMO MODELS NEEDED Males or females, 21 years + Posting From Hutson Talent Agency Location Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, VA & other VA Cities
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Meisner Through The Lens with Gene Terruso! Posting From Kathy Wickline Casting Location Philadelphia, PA
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Casting Middle School Child: approximately 11-13 years old, boy or girl, any ethnicity Posting From Carlyn Davis Casting Location Herndon, VA
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Beautiful female bicycle groupie, early to mid 20's, race open. $50 for a couple of hours Posting From Keith Oxenrider Location Shenandoah County, VA
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