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Terisse Perez
Production Specific(s):
Production/Crew - Film and Video, Production/Crew - TV, Production/Crew - Theatre
Production Skills:
Makeup Artist w/Special FX Skills
My Location:
Germantown, MD
I can take jobs in:
District of Columbia, Maryland, New York
About Me:
Hi There!
I'm a native New Yorker who transplanted herself and family in Germantown, MD years ago, for a better quality of life for myself and kids who are now grown. For 37+ years I’ve worked in the Film, Music Video, Theater/Stage, Print, Editorial Industries.
I'm also a Visionary Fine Artist so blending colors is my game, whether on the face or paper.
I work with entertainers, models, regular folk-Make Overs, Special Events and one of my favorite holidays Halloween! Using my Special FX (Latex Only, No Prosthetics-Except for Bald Cap, Elf Ears) Fantasy, Bruises, Cuts, Scratches, Burns, Blisters, Blood, Scars, Open Wounds, Aging, Sickly, Emaciated, Near Death and Death. What A Blast! ;-D

Trying My Hand At Acting
Feature Film In Production - "To Live and Die in Washington, DC"
Supporting Actor - Lance's Grandma
Writer, Producer - Lance Hill
Director - June Daguiso

Makeup Artist- Film/Episodic - “HBCU Black Love”
Director - Torell Shavone
Producer - Filmmatic Studios -

Makeup Artist- Film/Episodic - “Second Hand”
Director/Writer/Producer - Cadell Cook
Producer/Actress - Melan Perez

Makeup Artist- Feature Film In Production - “When We Try”
Director/Writer/Producer - Eric Rice

Makeup Artist- Short Film In Production - “Untitled”
Director/Producer - Antonio Villaronga
Writer/Producer - Aislyn Rivera

Makeup Artist- Short Film - “The Bezos Who Stole Christmas”
Writer/Director - Garrett Taira
Producer - David Pope

Makeup Artist- Short - Award Winning Film - “Four Points”
Executive Producer - Cadell Cook
Producer - Adam Arrad
Director - Cadell Cook
Director Of Photography - Zack David

Makeup Artist- Short Film - “Disruptions”
Writer/Director - Andrea Tree
Producer -

Makeup Artist- Pre-Production Film/Episodic - “Nothing Left”
Writer/Director - Cadell Cook
Producer - Emmy Award Winning Producer – Melan Perez

Makeup Artist- Pre-Production Feature Film/Series - "Ice Storm/Deportation"
Director/Producer - Austin Chima

Makeup Artist- Short Film - "Don Don The Magnificent"
Director/Producer - Cadell Cook

Former Assistant Makeup Artist - Award Winning - "Anacostia - The Series"
Director/Producer - Anthony Anderson

Makeup Artist- Short Film - "Where The Water Meets The Sand"
Writer/Director - Torell Shavone

Makeup Artist - Editorial - NURA Magazine
Bathsheba Smithen (Rapper, Poetess & Author)

Editorials/Documentaries Films, Music Videos
Editorials/Documentaries: Photographer: John (Jahmani) Perry III
Downtown Manhattan, The Music Paper, The Advantage - Princess Pam - Little Kitchen
Directors/Producers: Millicent Sheldon, Valerie Joseph, Herby “Luv Bug” Azor, Christopher Williams, and others
Actors: Keith David, Dick Cavett, Cynthia Martel, Elise Neal and others
Artists: L. L. Cool J, Kid & Play, Salt & Pepper, Spinderella, Biz Markie, Dana Dane, Kwame, Tasha, Zia Inman, Tat, Herby Luv Bug, Heavy D, 4 Play, Tasha, Al, Bizzie B, Sweet T, Joe Ski Love & other artists
Special Assignment: Teen Magazine's Rap Concert - Make-Up for Bobby Brown
Various Benefits Working With Various Artists: Ralph Carter, Jimmy Walker, Angela Bofil, Run DMC, Cassandra Holloway, John Blair, Zerox & Others
Broadway Productions: (NSA Benefit): 42nd Street, Cats, Chorus Line, Oklahoma, Sophisticated Ladies & Various Other Productions

Now open for other Makeup job opportunities. I'll be happy to provide you with the look you desire, flawlessly!

If you feel I'm a good fit for you and your project, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day/evening filled with joy and plenty of laughter!

The link below is for my Sacred Healing Artwork and Alternative Energetic Healing Practice. Thanks!
Web Link #1:
Special Effects: NYC-1990 - Trained with Bert Roth, s.m.a., former Dir. Of Make-Up for ABC TV Ntwk
Wilfred Beauty Academy: NYC-April 1986 - July 1987 - Trained in Cosmetology (Skincare/Hair/Make-Up)
Special Skills
My Equipment:
My Makeup Kit: Regular & HD Makeup - Traditional or Airbrush application and
Special Effects Makeup (No prosthetics-Except for Bald Cap, Elf Ears)
Fantasy, Bruises, Cuts, Scratches, Burns, Blisters, Blood, Scars, Open Wounds, Aging, Sickly, Emaciated, Near Death and Death
Languages Spoken:
Other Skills:
Visionary Artist (Energetically Coded Healing Art) (Medium: Ink, Charcoal/Pastels)
Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner & Soul Worker (Hands-On/Off Body - Ama Deus Shamanic Healing, Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing, Reiki Healing)
Created, "Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Stress Mgmt the Fun Way!) - (https://goo.gl/h9nXSf) With the use of Intuition, finger paint, paper & brush you paint your stress away! This process is excellent for those experiencing General Stress, Creatively or Emotionally Blocked/Stuck, Anxiety, Depression, ADD /ADHD, Panic Disorder, PTS.
Self-Published - Deck of Soul Cards (Divination Cards)