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Hi There!

I'm a native New Yorker who transplanted herself and family in Germantown, MD many years ago, for a better quality of life for my kids who are now grown. Although I haven't had a whole lot of makeup jobs in the MD/DC/VA area in comparison to the NYC area, I still kept it up. I'm also a Visionary Artist so blending colors is my game, whether on the face or paper.

As a Makeup Artist in NYC I worked in the Film, Music Video, Theater/Stage, Editorial industry. As well with entertainers, models, print and the regular folk-Make Overs, Special Events and for my one of favorite holidays Halloween using my Special FX: (Latex Only, No Prosthetics-Except for Bald Cap, Elf Ears) Fantasy, Bruises, Cuts, Scratches, Burns, Blisters, Blood, Scars, Open Wounds, Aging, Sickly, Emaciated, Near Death and Death.

Makeup Artist- Short Film - “The Bezos Who Stole Christmas”
Writer/Director - Garrett Taira
Producer - David Pope

Makeup Artist- Short Film - “Four Points”
Executive Producer - Cadell Cook
Producer - Adam Arrad
Director - Cadell Cook
Director Of Photography - Zack David

Makeup Artist- Short Film - “Disruptions”
Writer/Director - Andrea Tree
Producer -

Makeup Artist- Pre-Production Film/Episodic - “Nothing Left”
Writer/Director - Cadell Cook
Producer - Emmy Award Winning Producer – Melan Perez

Makeup Artist- Pre-Production Feature Film/Series - "Ice Storm/Deportation"
Director/Producer - Austin Chima

Makeup Artist- Short Film - "Don Don The Magnificent"
Director/Producer - Cadell Cook

Former Assistant Makeup Artist - "Anacostia - The Series"
Director/Producer - Anthony Anderson

Makeup Artist- Short Film - "Where The Water Meets The Sand"
Writer/Director - Torell Shavone

Makeup Artist - Editorial - NURA Magazine
Bathsheba Smithen (Rapper, Poetess & Author)

Now open for other Makeup job opportunities. I'll be happy to provide you with the look you desire, flawlessly!

Side note, I'm also an Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner (Hands on/off the body & Long Distance Healing) and Sacred Visionary Artist, producing energetically coded healing works of art to heal and uplift the human spirit. For More info about each, please visit: VisionsOfLight-Art.com

If you feel I'm a good fit for you and your production, please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day/evening filled with joy and plenty of laughter!

Please note: To view Photos of my Makeup work, please search this site under "My Photos".
The link below is for my Sacred Healing Artwork and Alternative Energetic Healing Practice. Thank you.
Web Link #1:
Special Effects: NYC-1990 - Trained with Bert Roth, s.m.a., former Dir. Of Make-Up for ABC TV Ntwk
Wilfred Beauty Academy: NYC-April 1986 - July 1987 - Trained in Cosmetology (Skincare/Hair/Make-Up)
Special Skills
My Equipment:
My Makeup Kit consists of: Regular & HD Makeup - Traditional or Airbrush application and
Special Effects Makeup (No prosthetics-Except for Bald Cap, Elf Ears)
Fantasy, Bruises, Cuts, Scratches, Burns, Blisters, Blood, Scars, Open Wounds, Aging, Sickly, Emaciated, Near Death and Death
Languages Spoken:
Other Skills:
Visionary Artist (Energetically Coded Healing Art) (Medium: Ink, Charcoal/Pastels) (VisionsOfLight-Art.com)

Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner - In my Energetic Healing Practice I provide:
Reiki (Excellent for Physical Ailments)
Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Excellent for Clearing/Balancing the Chakras/Energy Centers & Healing the Emotionally Wounded Heart)
Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing (Past & Present Lifetime Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Issues & more)
All to provide emotional and physical healing; relaxation, insight, clarity, calmness and balance within.

Facilitator of my self created, "Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Stress Mgmt the Fun Way!) - (https://goo.gl/h9nXSf)
No Painting Skills Necessary. With the use of Intuition, Finger Paint, Paper & Brush you literally release some of the less than joyful emotions, anxiety, stress and more, upon the paper you're painting on (Note: You can't bring this painting home). You leave feeling uplifted, lighter, a smile upon your face and an extra bounce in your step!
This process is excellent for those experiencing General Stress, Creatively or Emotionally Blocked/Stuck, Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD, Panic Disorder, PTS.

Published - Deck of Soul Cards (Divination Cards)

Personal Readings using the Deck of Soul Cards, with the assistance of your Soul/Higher Self
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