Have an Important job, that requires a video audition submission?

Well we do these all the time.

Regular Pricing: $55 for a Hi-Def*, Internet Ready File, filmed at our location in Rockville, MD.
(10% off for DragonukConnects members or $49.50)

Filmed and Produced at our site in Rockville, MD.
Add $20 if we film on location in the DC metro area
Outside of the DC metro area may incur extra travel expenses.
Let us know your location.

Preparation and Execution for your Audition Reel:

-Memorize and rehearse your script before the shoot
-Time Length: You should be able to perform your audition in 2 minutes or under.
-Clothing: Wear the right clothing
-Slate: We will "Slate" and film your audition. Example: "Hi my name is ___ and I'm with ___ Talent Agency. I'll be playing the part of ___"
-Editing: We will quickly edit the video to make sure that all looks great
-Submission: We will help you submit the video
-Storage: We Can Dropbox it for you if needed

For more Information:

 Call 443-750-0192