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Form Follows Function – Why Your Actor Resume Isn’
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Posted 5:18 PM Aug. 22, 2010

Form Follows Function – Why Your Actor Resume Isn’t Working by Sean Pratt

The fundamental problem with most actor resumes is that they’ve been created to do the wrong thing. Every day actors send out their resume in hopes of landing an audition or interview. They trust that the information conveyed in their picture/resume will grab the reader’s attention, tell them what they need know about that actor and become the tipping point in their decision to call that actor in. Unfortunately, the actor is working against their own goals by sending out a resume that makes it next to impossible for the reader to easily glean this important information. And it’s all because the form of the resume doesn’t match its function.

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Sean Pratt, (AEA / SAG / AFTRA), has been a working actor for over 20 years. Sean was a member of the resident acting company at The Pearl Theatre, an Off-Broadway classical repertory theatre and has also performed at numerous regional theatres around the country. Major films include - Gods and Generals, Tuck Everlasting and Iron Jawed Angels. Television work includes - The host of HGTV’s, Old Homes Restored, and supporting roles on Homicide, The District and America’s Most Wanted. Audiobooks – He’s narrated for 15 years and has recorded nearly 550 books in just about every genre. He also teaches classes on and writes articles about the business of the Biz.

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What makes a good resume? Can you help me with my resume?
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Go to my You Tube Channel and watch the videos on resumes...there are a lot of them!