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At what point do we need to file taxes for kids?
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Posted 8:14 PM Oct. 18, 2012

We are brand new to all of this and I would like to know how much money a minor can make before having to file taxes. I am keeping good records of income and expenses, but would also like to know what else I should be keeping records of.

Thanks in advance!

-Melinda (Jared, Hannah, Nathan, and Lorelei's mom)

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Posted 10:17 PM Oct. 19, 2012

You have to ask the IRS about tax issues - I think there is a $600 limit before an Employer has to Report your Income. The IRS as far as I know dose not have any "Age groups" as far as Paying your taxes - what ever the minimum cut off for that year is applies to everyone.He would File as single with 1 exemptionIf you have last years tax book around - look at the tax chart where you look up how much taxes you owe after figguring out your incomelook at the 1st tax group - if it starts at 0 then any amount if it says something like 8,000 to 8900 then anything under $8,000The thing is that any jobs that take taxes out of your pay (like you do a day extra work on a major Movie) - you have to file to get that money backJust make sure you keep the records daily as the Income/Expence (plus receipts) is incurred and do not try to "Find Records" 6 months later

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Posted 9:19 PM Oct. 20, 2012
Thank you for answering this. I was thinking it was $600 too, but I will call the IRS.