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PRODUCTION/CREW! Free or Basic Membership?
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Posted 10:11 AM Jun. 15, 2014

PRODUCTION- Freelance Crew (Film, Video, Theatre, TV, Radio) Production Companies (Film, Video, TV, Radio) Indie Filmmakers

DragonukConnects Offers you a Choice between a Basic FREE Membership an a Paid Membership. Both Basic FREE Memberships and Paid Memberships receive the same Newsletter with all of the Jobs, Training Events and Networking opportunities complete with all contact information so you can reply or attend the Event.

Both Basic FREE and Paid Memberships are asked to complete the same Profile Information including Either your Personal Headshot or Company Logo in the headshot space and Resume or Company BIO in the Resume space as well as:
GENERAL INFORMATION like Your Production Skills (Are you a full service Production Company or Specialize In Animation Only, Are you a Videographer that is also a Location Scout, Casting Director and AD. ETC, Unions you belong to, Trade Groups/Organizations you belong to,, Awards you have won ETC and an "About ME" Area to completely describe what you do.

Classes/Training A Place to add all of your Special Training/Classes taken

Special Skills A Place to List equipment you own or are Trained to use, Software you own or are trained to use, Languages you speak ETC

Photo Albums We give you bandwidth to Create Photo albums of your past work, Your Studio Space, Equipment you own ETC - To help you get Future Work.Properly sized Photos allow you to add more photo's - Huge Photo's use bandwidth and lower the number of photos you can add. Most people get 50-100 photos in the system

Video Demo Reels DragonukConnects allows Every member to add 10 different Video Demo Reels - Show Clips of Past Work, Animation Skills, Editing Bays, Green Screen Rooms, Show Everyone why you stand out from the Crowd

MP3 Voice Reels We allow Every member up to 25 MP 3 Voice reels - We even are set up so you can have 1 come on whenever anyone opens your profile - Introducing yourself, Narrating yourself, Talking about your career. If you speak a Foreign Language - Create a Voice reel in that Language - About 15% of our Production Jobs Postings are Looking for CREW or Subcontractors that speak a Foreign Language.

So What is the difference Between the Basic FREE membership and the PAID Membership?

DragonukConnects Allows Employers to search our database for Freelance Production Crew Members or Partners/Subcontractors that Fit their needs.

Paid Members - They look at your Profile, Read your Resume, Listen to the Voice reel you set up to come on as an introduction/slate of yourself, Watch the 10 demo reels you added, looked in your Photo Album and Listened to the 25 MP3 Voice reels you added to your profile - ALL from their Office so they can hire you.

Basic FREE Members your Headshot/Company Logo shows up in their search, but they can not access your profile. If they are Interested in you, They contact me and I send it to them OR Reply that you have no information available because your profile is not complete. If the info is there -Its There- If not there -it is NOT THERE

For Those involved in Production DragonukConnects works for you in many ways. We are of course a way for you to find work but you can also post YOUR jobs for other members to fill. We allow Job posting for ALL your needs not just Talent to be in your Productions and Freelance crew or Subcontractors But Office help, Interns, Bookkeeping Services, much more.

We are a Professional network over 6,000 strong so we have several of just about anyone you need.

If you give Classes or have other Training options , have a CD or DVD for sale- You can advertise them thru the DragonukConnects Newsletter for FREE (Basic FREE members 1 free ad every 14 days, PAID members 1 FREE ad every Week) and /or use our low cost paid advertising to let 6,000 local people already interested in the Industry Know about your Services.

You can advertise the Premier and other showings of your Films and Documentaries, Sell DVD'S or Downloads by use of FREE or Paid Advertising

DragonukConnects is a resource you can use