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Theatres/Theatre Groups! Free or Basic Membership?
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Posted 7:55 PM Jun. 15, 2014

Theatre--All Theatres, Theatre Groups

DragonukConnects Offers you a Choice between a Basic FREE Membership an a Paid Membership.

Your DragonukConnects profile is set up to be your Portal (Multi Page Website) into the 6,000 PLUS Members that make up our Professional Network. 3/4ths of our Members are already Involved in Theatre or have been in the past.

Both Basic FREE and Paid Memberships are asked to complete the same Profile Information - your Company Logo goes in the headshot space and Company BIO goes in the Resume space.

We only have 3 main questions for you to answer:

1) As an Employer - What types of Jobs will you offer? (Actors Auditions, Production Crew Jobs, Admin, MGT, Internships & Ushers, Teachers/Coaches/Instructors) We can help you fill ALL of them.

2) Types of Shows you put on

3) Tell us about your Theatre This is where you tell everyone EVERYTHING about your Theatre (Upcoming Auditions, Upcoming Shows, Classes, Fundraisers, Eventsand Each with a link to the area of your website everyone needs to see.

To sell your Theatre and It's Programs to our Members we give you the following tools:

) Photo Albums We give you bandwidth to Create Photo albums of your past Shows, The Current Show in Rehearsal, Classes, Fundraisers, Any Rental Space/Studio Space, or any other Theatre Business you want to highlight. .Properly sized Photos allow you to add more photo's - Huge Photo's use bandwidth and lower the number of photos you can add. Most people get 50-100 photos in the system

Video Demo Reels DragonukConnects allows Every member to add 10 different Video Demo Reels - Show Clips of your past Shows, The Current Show in Rehearsal, Classes, Fundraisers, Any Rental Space/Studio Space - Show Everyone why you stand out from the Crowd

MP3 Voice Reels We allow Every member up to 25 MP 3 Voice reels - We even are set up so you can have 1 come on whenever anyone opens your profile - Introducing Theatre and the Programs you offer.

So What is the difference Between the Basic FREE membership and the PAID Membership?

DragonukConnects Allows Members to search our database. They look here 1st for shows, classes or other Resources - Your Basic FREE Membership is Visible only to DragonukConnects Staff.(I still need the profile Information so I can forward it to those that ask.

Paid Members - They look at your Profile, Read your Bio, Listen to the Voice reel you set up to come on as an Introduction of the Theatre, Watch the 10 demo reels you added, looked in your Photo Album - ALL from their Homes so they can take advantage of your services - When they are ready to do so.

You can Advertise your Pay What you can Tickets, Show Tickets, any Classes you give, Fundraising Events you have, or CD or DVD for sale- You can advertise them thru the DragonukConnects Newsletter for FREE (Basic FREE members 1 free ad every 14 days, PAID members 1 FREE ad every Week) and /or use our low cost paid advertising to let 6,000 local people already interested in the Industry Know about your Services.

Again our 6,000 PLUS members (Most already Involved in Theatre) is a POWERFUL Database for your Show Ticket Sales, Classes or Fundraising Events