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Resource Providers! Free or Basic Membership?
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Posted 9:40 PM Jun. 15, 2014

Resource Providers- Headshot Photographers, Reprint Houses, Teachers/Coaches/Trainers, Unions, Trade Groups/Organizations, Universities/Colleges, Film offices

DragonukConnects Offers you a Choice between a Basic FREE Membership an a Paid Membership.

Your DragonukConnects profile is set up to be your Portal (Multi Page Website) into the 6,000 PLUS Members that make up our Professional Network.

Both Basic FREE and Paid Memberships are asked to complete the same Profile Information - your Company Logo goes in the headshot space and Company BIO goes in the Resume space.

We only have 2 main questions for you to answer:

1) The Type or Resources you Provide. -- Headshots, Stage Combat Classes, Drama Classes for 3-5 Yr olds, Career Advancement Seminars, Networking opportunities, Jobs Listserv ETC.

2) Description of your Company

We give you the following tools to assist you in Marketing your Goods or Services to our Members:


Photo Albums We give you bandwidth to Create Photo albums of ALL your Goods or Services. Properly sized Photos allow you to add more photo's - Huge Photo's use bandwidth and lower the number of photos you can add. Most people get 50-100 photos in the system

Video Demo Reels DragonukConnects allows Every member to add 10 different Video Demo Reels - Highlight your Best Programs. SELL THEM 24/7

MP3 Voice Reels We allow Every member up to 25 MP 3 Voice reels - We even are set up so you can have 1 come on whenever anyone opens your profile - Introducing yourself and your Products

So What is the difference Between the Basic FREE membership and the PAID Membership?

As a FREE Member (your headshot/Company logo is visible to everyone but your Membership profile is seen only by DragonukConnects staff) You can advertise your services once every 2 weeks for free in our newsletter

As a Paid Member - Your DragonukConnects Visible Membership when completely filled out is your best Value Sales toolYou have 10 10 Minute Video demo reels to highlight all of your services, Band width to set up as Many Photo albums as you want to Highlight your activities and services (smaller sizing of Photo's allows more albums and photos) PLUS up to 25 MP3Files to give Instructions - 1 is set to narrate your Membership profile whenever anyone opens your profile

We allow you enough space In your Profile to describe Every Service your Provide and "DRIVE" people from your DragonukConnects Profile to your website to make contact with you

Our DragonukConnects members usually look at other members 1st when they want Headshots or classes

We are also working on a "Resource Section" of DragonukConnects - Those Paid members with complete Profiles will have their Logo's as Buttons under every category that pertains to them - The button is a Link to their DragonukConnects Profile

Members search the DragonukConnects database 1st from their Homes so they can take advantage of your services - When they are ready to do so.