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Does Paying for DragonukConnects Guarantee Jobs?
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Posted 10:15 PM Jul. 15, 2014

I recently joined DragonukConnects.. heard alot of great things about it and was wondering If i join the yearly subscription of $45 is it a guarantee to get jobs?

2nd Another question came to mind! I noticed on my profile there is a place where you can upload your resume(which i have a modeling resume), and also can add other talent resumes,( I only have experience in modeling) do i need to fill out both/do both?


No one can Ever Guarantee future acting jobs to anyone - ever

If someone Lies to you that bad - Ever- Run real fast - you have no idea what else they are capable of doing

Our Paid Membership does 1 main thing for you as far as Jobs goes

It allows Potential employers to open your file and review all of the tools you provided them with:

1) Resume(s) (we allow up to 10),

2) Video demo reels (we allow up to 10),

3) Listen to the MP3 Voice reel you set up to Slate yourself/Narrate your profile (we allow up to 25 Total but only 1 can be set to come on when your site is accessed),

4) Look at your Photo Albums of character Shots,

5) Look at your Training, Physical Info (height, weight, ETC) Wardrobe sizes, Training ETc that you provide in your Profile

They can then Audition you or accept what you provided in your tools to hire you.

Only your abilities can Guarantee you jobs

As to the Resume(s) You need to ad your Modeling Resume ASAP and add other Work (Acting, Hosting TV Shows, Radio ETc as you develop them

Even if you are a Basic FREE Member and Potential Employers can't access your Info - I can Your Heasdshot still shows up in Employer searches - They just can't access your information

When potential Employers ask me about you - I look in your file and send them the infio or I tell them you never provided any info --- Its either there so I can give it to them or its not there

Best Brian