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Farid Bozorgmehr, received his BA in Theater from the "Collage of Dramatic Arts" in Tehran while working as actor, director, and producer.
In 1977 he moved to the United States and received his Master's Degree in theater from The American University in Washington DC. He pursued his career as producer of theatrical works in the 1980's. In early 1990's, he began working closely with Iranian-American director, Amir Naderi in A,B,C, Manhattan (1977), Marathon (2002), Sound Barrier (2005), Vegas: based on a true story (2008) and CUT (2011). He has also made 2 documentaries, "My Story, How to Stand up to Cancer" (2003), and " The Beede Family, An American Life" (2005.)
Served of the member of Jury at 50th Gijon Film festival, Spain (2012)
Directed a play, (Drought and Lies" in 2013 at GMU

On non-Artistic life I have worked as computer suppliers for government for 15 years. Teaching and supervising students at the American University. And have reached excellency in my insurance career. And coordinating artistic programs for Stacthmore Music Center at North Bethesda, Georg Mason University at Fairfax Virginia, and University of Maryland at College Park
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