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Where's Equity? Where am I in What's Ne
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Posted 9:02 AM Nov. 16, 2009

Hi Brian and everyone -

I like the new site a lot, but have two questions. First, your union listing in the profile doesn't include Equity membership - is there a reason for not having it there (especially since you include AEA jobs in your theatre listings)? Second, in your What's New section, you show all recent log-ons and changes, but I never see myself - is that filtered so that the user doesn't see himself/herself, or is there a problem with my profile and login?

Thanks. I'm really excited about the new site and look forward to your working out the very few kinks.

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Posted 12:42 PM Nov. 16, 2009
J., we have added AEA to the talent profile under union, so you can update your profile. Thanks for mentioning it.

As for the activity feed. Yes you can only see what others are doing in what's new pages. But you can see your activity in the what's new section at the bottom of the home page.

We used to have an personal activity feed on the user profiles, but we pulled it as Brian felt the activity feed would be intrusive when employers printed profiles. Obviously employers don't really care if someone logged in at 2:45 pm :)