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I updated my profile as Brian requested in his recent email. Update included unchecking "Host -
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This was a bug that has been fixed. Let me know...
by [User Deleted] - 10 year(s) ago
Hi, I list my DragonukConnects profile on my acting resume and when I submit online. But at the mome
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Hi Emily and Marc, unfortunately,Brain and I...
by Dragonuk Jay - 11 year(s) ago
Hi, In the profile section under "Training and Classes" when I add a new/recent item, it g
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Hi Emily, well it looks like the "Training...
by [User Deleted] - 11 year(s) ago
This is my first time making posts. I noticed that some posts are double spaced between paragraphs;
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Oh, well, Jay! I guess it's back to the...
by Caroline Pleasant - 11 year(s) ago
Jay: I selected Show Profile Views under Privacy Options. I saw by the Profile Views number in my pr
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Jay: Just put the posting up yesterday morning....
by Richard Fiske - 11 year(s) ago
We've had a few letters asking what are the connections used for? Connections are on the site a
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Thank you Jay. I am the mom of a child actor...
by [User Deleted] - 11 year(s) ago
So, I'm really happy for you that you can make a profit from the banners on this site - you cer
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We have also posted a video Tutorial at...
by Dragonuk Jay - 11 year(s) ago
We can get through with Internet Explorer, but it will not work when we are on Firefox.
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Jesse is right, but did not realize that there...
by Dragonuk Jay - 11 year(s) ago
How do I update the "skills" in my profile? Thanks.
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Done, and easily. Thanks.
by Richard Fiske - 11 year(s) ago
Hi Very disappointed in attempts to post a headshot. Followed jay's tutorial but did not get th
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Philip,The easiest way to resize your photos is...
by [User Deleted] - 11 year(s) ago
Hi Brian and everyone - I like the new site a lot, but have two questions. First, your union listing
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J., we have added AEA to the talent profile...
by Dragonuk Jay - 11 year(s) ago