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Adding new Training & Classes - Newest first?
[User Deleted]
Posted 5:28 PM Mar. 24, 2010


In the profile section under "Training and Classes" when I add a new/recent item, it goes to the end of the list. How do I make it so that newly added items go to the top. I'd like the most recently attended class/training to appear under number 1. Can you add a those re-order arrows to these fields like the ones that are in the resume section?


[User Deleted]
Posted 7:58 PM Mar. 29, 2010

You bring up a good point Emily. The resumes were made especially with the ability to change the order. The classes were not. I will take a look at it, and see if we can change that. I will keep you posted.



Assistant Admin

[User Deleted]
Posted 5:34 PM Apr. 10, 2010
Hi Emily, well it looks like the "Training and Classes" portion of the profile is part of a larger plugin development that Brian had made for the site. Unfortunately, you can not move the entries up and down.

What I would suggest is to just cut and paste each entry one step lower and then add the new one at the top. Obviously not as easy as simply adding something to the top, but I tested it out and the process didn't take too long, like two minutes for 24 entries. Sorry for the inconvenience!