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What are connections for on DragonukConnects.com?
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Posted 1:33 PM Nov. 29, 2009

We've had a few letters asking what are the connections used for?

Connections are on the site as Brian's goal is to connect the entertainment industry in as many ways as possible, hence the name "DragonukConnects".

On facebook, they call it friends.

Reasons for connections on this site:

  • -Whenever you post something on the site, your profile, a job, a video, or audio reel, etc, it asks if you want the public, or all registered users, or just your connections to see it. You may have a group of connections that you may want to show a video to, but not let anyone else see it.
  • -You can put a job post or announcement and only your connections will see it. Promote a party or an event just to those people in your connections
  • -My thought on it is, it's an easy way to find the people you know easily, as they are right on your profile on the connection tab. Basically your favorites. Bring up your connections, find the person you are looking for and send them a message. So basically it's an address book.

Now that being said, there are connection hounds out there who feel that the most connections on a site is a status symbol and will just ask anybody and everybody (no offense to our "hounds"). They also get their face on the front page, which is not a bad thing. My thought on the subject is, just choose people you know, and perhaps employers and producers that may hire you one day. If you would rather not accept their invitation, just say no. Connection hounds are used to that and won't take it hard.

I urge you to read the article on safety on DragonukConnects by clicking here.

Jay Chapin



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Posted 10:36 AM Dec. 1, 2009

By the way, if another member on the site is harassing you, or someone you would rather not have contact you, just go to their profile, and click under their photo, "Block this person". There is also a "Report this person" button there as well.

I urge you to read the article on safety on DragonukConnects by clicking here.

[User Deleted]
Posted 7:28 PM Dec. 2, 2009
Thank you Jay. I am the mom of a child actor and I admit, I was dubious when Brian went to this web site format because of the "connections". But she's gotten auditions through the newsletters and I didn't want to lose that resource, so I created her profile. Perhaps I'm over protective, but in today's world I feel I need to be cautious with my child's identity. Getting connection requests for my little girl from adults who are complete strangers (especially men - no offense) makes me uneasy. I appreciate your advice to deny those requests.